Social Energy Enterprise

Social Energy Enterprise

Social Energy Enterprise.

Mundo Investments is a Social Energy Enterprise with a mission to reinvest a portion of its profit, to enable underserved communities to gain affordable access to sustainable sources of energy, and to empower our youth with eduction.



Education & Research: Empowering People & Igniting the Economic Engine.

Our current investment into this initiative is that for every project that we complete, we will provide at least one sustainable energy scholarship to a worthy individual.

By empowering individuals through education, and by igniting innovation through research, we are creating a work force behind an economy powered by sustainable clean energy, rich with vital resources.

We aim to create industry growth by bringing new and cost-effective technology to the market, which in turn improves the cost parity of renewable energy to ultimately bring it below the cost of conventional energy.

Access to Sustainable Energy has far reaching benefits.

Developed Nations

Access to sustainable energy in  the developed nations provides people a way to increase their efficiency, reduce their carbon footprint, reduce the long-term cost of energy, and decrease volatile dependencies on finite natural resources.

However, sustainable sources of energy for many people can be overly capital intensive. We are working to provide innovate financing solutions, grants, and financial incentives so that anyone can reap the benefits (many times with no upfront expenditure).

Developing Nations

In many areas of the world there is no transmission grid, the energy sources that may be available are scarce, and can be highly toxic with serious environmental and health side effects.

There are untold billions of people still living without access to electricity. No access to energy means the average community has to work at least 100 times as hard to meet their basic needs.

We are working to establish international partnerships to help to bring affordable and sustainable sources of energy and resources to those less fortunate communities.

Education can empower local communities to create their own industries that are less dependent on monopolized finite resources, and enable them to feed, hydrate, and power themselves.

This requires a cohesive group effort to provide creative financing mechanisms, education systems, resources, and broad private and public sector support.


Thank You for your Contribution to the Mission.

We are excited to be part of this global change, one project at a time. We appreciate your business, which supports the Mundo Investments Social Energy Enterprise Mission.

By allowing us the opportunity to provide you with cost-effective renewable power solutions, you are in turn empowering others with education, and enabling access to sustainable energy and vital life-supporting resources.