Investment & Development

Investment & Development

Strategic Renewable Power Investments

We invest in and develop renewable power projects, including solar PV, wind; coupled with the optimization of efficiency and energy storage.

After completing our energy and financial analysis, and after gaining a thorough understanding of the customer's objectives, we will present one or more investment or power purchase options to determine which ownership model best suites the customer's tax and financial situation.

Financing & Power Purchase

Our customers are not required to make upfront capital investments. We are able to fund all of the engineering, procurement, and construction costs of the renewable power project.

Some companies are able to maximize the return on investment by balance sheet project financing or cash reserves, while other companies benefit from power purchase agreements (PPA), or hedging contracts to receive the benefits of energy savings while minimizing the upfront capital expenditure.

There are various different ownership models that we analyze for every proposal, all focused on providing an attractive energy cost savings profile for the customer.

Tax & Project Benefits

Depending on the tax liability of the company and desired ownership structure, there are substantial tax benefits that can be passed through to the customer. Various forms of investments currently are able to receive attractive federal and state level tax incentives. For example, the Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC) allows the customer to receive a tax credit in the amount of 30% of the total investment cost. There is also federal MACRS depreciation and state depreciation available for the certain renewable power projects. Additionally, there are other state and utility level rebates or Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) value that we will secure, if available. The total net system cost can be reduced by as much as 50%+ (if all federal, state, local, and utility incentives are realized).

Virtual Renewable Power - Offsite Projects

It is not always necessary for the renewable power project to be located onsite where the customer is located. In certain markets there are creative policies that allow for virtual net metering, or virtual "synthetic" renewable power purchase agreements. In such cases, these methods allow for us to develop the project offsite and still be able to offer your company cost-effective clean energy, and a powerful hedge against future electric price escalation and volatility.

Renewable Power Project Investment, Co-Development, and Acquisition

In addition to developing our own projects, we are actively seeking projects to acquire and/or co-develop. We are able to provide early and mid-stage development funding and co-development support for qualified projects to expedite the permitting, interconnection, engineering, procurement, and construction.