Renewable Power

Renewable Power

Renewable Power Markets & Applications

After a comprehensive energy and financial analysis, we will identify and report the most viable and efficient renewable power technology and financing solutions.

Cost-effective renewable power options include various combinations of solar PV and/or wind; coupled with the optimization of efficiency and energy storage.

Renewable power investment allows for substantial reduction in the carbon emissions, minimizes the long-term internalized energy cost, and can provide for an excellent hedge against future electricity price volatility. The reliable long-term fixed cost of renewable power ultimately frees up operational capital for other more productive business investments.


Our highly experienced team brings a core understanding of the financial priorities of business operations in a wide variety of markets and industries. We assist small, medium size, and large companies to reduce energy related operating costs, and secure the financial and tax incentives available to maximize the return on investment for your business.  Some companies are able to maximize the return on investment by balance sheet project financing or cash reserves, while other companies benefit from power purchase agreements (PPA), lease structures, or hedging contracts to receive the benefits of energy savings while minimizing the upfront capital expenditure.


Facilities such as water treatment plants, manufacturing, refining, processing, mining, waste management, and other industrial operations have very large energy consumption patterns. Thus, bringing with that very large electricity bills. Renewable power integration can offset a large portion of this energy demand and provide for an attractive return on investment and substantial tax benefits.

Mission Critical

We provide a highly detail-oriented focus on mission critical operations such as data centers, cloud-based IT, health care, and high security clearance operations. Through careful performance and financial analysis, we are able to offer cost-effective solutions that can substantially minimize energy operating costs of these energy intensive facilities, while maintaining the integrity and security of these vital uninterruptible operations.

Multi-Family Residential

Energy efficiency implementation and solar power are amazing tools for maximizing the well-being and minimizing the cost of living for all types of communities. We work creatively with multi-family communities to capitalize on the many benefits of solar and efficiency upgrades so that no real estate owner or individual is without access to clean, sustainable, affordable energy. There are many financial incentives available for different types of communities. We work to source all available grants, tax, and financial rebates and incentives to bring down the overall cost of energy. There are also certain types of  financing structures available that we offer that may allow qualified developers and real estate owners to integrate solar and energy efficiency into communities with no upfront capital expenditure. In certain markets net energy metering aggregation and community distributed generation programs allow for the development of a single centralized project, that allows us to most cost-effectively offset the consumption and associated cost of the multiple sub-meters of the multi-family communities.

Energy Efficiency

The first most cost-effective solution for commercial, industrial, and multi-family is many times the implementation of energy efficiency measures. As a core component of our energy and financial analysis we will identify key areas of the customer's energy consumption patterns and building infrastructure where efficiency retrofits may significantly help to reduce energy operating costs and maximize the return on investment. We are able to incorporate various efficiency measures into the long-term financing and power purchase agreements, so that the customer does not have to come out of pocket for any upfront capital requirement.


Agriculture and farming operations quite often have high energy consumption patterns. The integration of renewable power not only increases the sustainability of agricultural products, but it is also an excellent return on investment for the proprietor. We research the most optimal and applicable agricultural grants and financial incentives that are available exclusively for the agriculture sector.


Solar is very versatile and can be installed on many types of degraded, brownfield, contaminated, landfill, environmentally restricted, and zoning-restricted land. Solar can provide for an excellent return on investment in these areas to either off-set the energy consumption of a landfill-type operation, or allow for creative revenue generation for land that could otherwise not be utilized. This type of investment is excellent for economic development and for its environmental benefits.

Distributed Generation

Wholesale Distributed Generation (DG) encapsulates one of the ultimate benefits of solar power technology. There are only so many roofs tops that are viable for solar installation. Utility-scale development can many times be far from the load centers for electricity demand and carry with it large upfront capital costs for transmission expansion. Wholesale DG targets in-fill land sites located within the load center of the distribution network level where very little or no transmission expansion is necessary. There are very creative ways to structure remote, community, and virtual power purchase agreements with local businesses and end users.

Utility Scale Renewable Power Development

We focus in all aspects of renewable power development including site procurement, land contract negotiation, civil and power engineering, transmission and interconnection strategy, energy resource analysis and site optimization, financial analysis, financing, off-take negotiation, and renewable power market research and analysis.

The members of our team are experts in the utility-scale renewable power industry and have developed many hundreds of megawatts.

We also can provide renewable power projects that are currently in the pipeline to private equity and IPP investors.