Energy & Financial Analysis

Energy & Financial Analysis

Highly Analytical Data-Driven Approach to Energy Advisory and Financial Analysis.

Our core objective is to minimize energy related operating costs, increase the bottom line, and provide a powerful return on investment.

This can be achieved through various combinations of renewable power from solar PV and/or wind; coupled with the optimization of efficiency and energy storage.

Our customers are not required to make upfront capital investments. We make the investment, and we both benefit from the powerful cost savings potential from the renewable power project.


Primary Deliverables of our Energy Analysis:
  • Portfolio Analysis of Facility Energy Requirements and Operating Costs
  • Site Assessment and Parcel Mapping
  • Historical Time of Use Energy Consumption and Demand Analysis
  • Energy Efficiency Potential Retrofit Assessment
  • Renewable Energy Resource Assessment
  • Renewable Power Production Analysis
  • Energy Storage Integration Analysis
  • Power System Performance Optimization Modeling
  • Locational Grid Interconnection Process Assessment
  • Net Energy Metering Analysis of Remote, Virtual, and Aggregation Options
  • Assessment of Onsite Generation Potential versus Offsite Centralized Generation and Sale of Remote Renewable Power


Primary Deliverables of our Financial Analysis:
  • Energy Economics Optimization Modeling to Maximize Return on Investment
  • Utility, Federal, & State Rebate/Incentive Calculation
  • Electric Rate Tariff Research and Analysis
  • Pre and Post-Efficiency/Renewable Power Rate Switch Sensitivity Analysis
  • Energy Storage Optimization Modeling to Increase Energy and Demand Savings
  • Tax Benefits Quantification
  • Cash Gained over Life of System
  • Utility Avoided Electricity Cost Analysis
  • Electricity Price Volatility and Hedge Analysis
  • Cashflow Payback - years to payback full investment
  • Return on Investment, Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  • Net Present Value of Investment (NPV)
  • Annual Cashflow Analysis
  • Financing analysis to determine options for customer that require no upfront capital investment, including power purchase agreement (PPA) rate analysis, and other financing and energy hedging mechanisms.